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Stealing Images
When using pictures for your avatar, rabbitry logo, rabbits, etc. do not add pictures from google or other places Those are owned by someone else. Doing so may result in copyright infringement.
MH Rabbits Copyright
Do not use any images or graphics found on without expressed permission from the site artist. We own all of the copyrights to our images.
Correct Representation
Pictures of animals must be of the animals in question. Do not use pictures of different animals to represent the ones being listed. This is considered false advertising and can lead to confusion (even if you are not selling the animals).
Age Restrictions
Account holders must be 13 years of age or older to join and use Because of COPPA, we are legally obligated to remove any underaged players from the site. Do not ask staff for exceptions. It also applies if you live somewhere where the law is different.
Personal Information
Do not recommend posting any personal information such as addresses, phone numbers, full names, and rabbitries that can be searched to locate this information. Even an identifiable prefix can possibly be traced. Use discretion to protect yourself from violent or destructive activism or other malicious intent from members or otherwise.
Offsite Links
MHrabbits is not responsible for off-site content. Once you click on a link that leaves the site, we cannot police nor be held accountable for what happens on other websites.